Detox Samui

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Easy Slim
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We do not use colonics or any other harsh invasive methods, nor do we hype up our claims or products. Our unique herbal formulas combined with daily physical activities, will avoid you experiencing the uncomfortable ‘body adjustment crises’ that often occur during intensiv starvation and colonics programs.

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Our standard detox programmes are over 3, 7 or 10 nights. However we can arrange any length programme to suit you, starting from a minimum of 3 nights.
The various physical activities are planned at a level to suit your detox programme and personal goals.
Daily Meditation
The form of meditation changes daily and includes: Kundalini, Chakras & Singing Bowls, PMR and Vipassana
Daily activities included in programme:
Ashtanga Yoga; Flow Yoga; Capoeira Tai Chi; Aqua Fitness
Afternoon Experiences, sample selection:
(extra charge)

– Oolong tea ceremony (free for stays of 7 nights or more)
– Minah’s Magic Garden – -Introduction to the flowers and fruits in our gardens (free for stays of 7 nights or more)
– Local air conditioned gym
– Personal training (one-on-one)
– Kayaking or jet-ski @ Choeng Mon Beach
– Hidden corners of Samui
– Supporting Local Charities – Schools or animal welfare
vening Experiences, sample selection:
(extra charge)

– Walking street market at Fisherman’s Village (free for stays of 7 nights or more)
– Live music: see bands on local beaches
– Sunset: observe and photograph incredible Samui sunsets
7 am Pure warm water with fresh lemon juice, followed by morning walk and Kickstart Your Day ™ (KYD)
8 am Easy Slim ™ shake and breakfast
8:30 am Meditation
9:30 am Energy Booster™ shake
10 am Daily Activity
11 am Detox Specific Massage (1 hour)
1 pm Easy Slim ™ shake and lunch
1 – 5 pm Free time or choose an Afternoon Experience
5 pm Energy Booster™ shake
5 – 7 pm Free time
7 pm
7:30 pm
Easy Slim ™ shake and dinner
Free time or choose an Evening Experience
9:30 pm Herbal tea night cap
A detox is ideal for people who suffer from common conditions such as bloating, gas, constipation, food intolerances and food allergies.
They may be overweight, have a lack of appetite or are hungry all the time, have sore or aching muscles, high sugar blood levels, hypertension, hormonal concerns, stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and many other conditions that are caused by toxicity and high levels of acidity that contaminate the blood and body tissue.
There are many things that can (unwittingly) pollute our bodies; food, drinks, air, water, skin products, medication, recreational drugs, lack of sport, low fibre diet and hectic, stressful lifestyles.
Although the human body is designed to naturally flush toxins out, it can quickly become clogged up due to the heavy toxic load it is being bombarded with and it is unable to expel the pollutants quickly enough.
If any of the above sounds familiar to you, and you are looking for support and guidance to finding a new health life direction, boost your motivation to get back into sport, eat healthier, lose weight, keep fit, stay younger, live longer and be more relaxed, we can help you!